We teach you how to be a freaking bad ass network marketer with out the bull shit of bothering friends and family!


Today we talk with one of the worlds foremost scientists on on reversing the aging process. Dr. Bill Andrews has dedicated his entire career to the subject . We pull back the curtain and talk about what it really takes to  research and develop products that can change humanity.

William Henry Andrews, Ph.D.  is an American molecular biologist and gerontologist whose career has centered on searching for a cure for human aging. Andrews is the founder and president of the biotechnology company Sierra Sciences.[1] In 1997, he led the team at Geron Corporation that was the first to successfully identify human telomerase.  

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Real - is the one word the encompasses this episode we talk with Ray Higdon best selling author, coach & trainer about their new book Time Money Freedom. 

We have a real insightful conversation about the book and the industry as a whole. Ray Even gives us a very valuable coating lesson!


Read - Time Money Freedom 

Order The Book Here.


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We Start 2021 off with a real gripping story about how one women overcame everything and become the pinnacle of success in female boxing. Alicia opens this show with amazing raw emotion and truth. She has an epic story that is casted in her new book Fighting Chance. 

Network Freaking Marketing Radio is proud to bring you this epic emotional interview with author Alicia Doyle.


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December 13, 2020

Just ASK - Mark Victor Hansen

World’s best selling author Mark Victor Hansen and his beautiful wife, Crystal Hansen join us today on Network Freaking Marketing Radio. We dive deep into their new book ASK. This book is packed with one of the greatest life lessons we all have but have forgotten how to use. In this episode I personally relate to the power of this book with my own unique story on how ASK impacted my 10 year old son Wyatt.   


You can get the new book at

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There are times in life when you meet people and you know you have made  dear friend. Tom Chenault is one of those people in my life and we really have only spoken a few times. Tom has over 35 years experience in Network Marketing has built a team of over 1.6 million.  Hosts the longest running home based business show "The Network Marketing  Leadership Show" on Actual Radio!!! He is also the co founder of  Contact Mapping an app that will reshape  the way you do business!  This shows is why we do this. 

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This episode is one for the history books we talk about being YOU with Judy Mark who was a former Mennonite and radically  changed her life. This  talk is all about the steps we go threw top define our own story and grown from it.

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Today we chat with Michelle Mackezie  Ray Higdon's Play To Win  Reality Series Winner!  Michelle is a natural born leader listen to this podcast!!!!

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Take your message to the next level! Today we interview the world renowned TEDX talk coach Mr Frank King. Frank has message around the world being a professional comedian and has spoken on Several TEDX stages he knows his stuff and pours his insights into today.   Taker Your Message To The Next Level!!!! 

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I ran into Harry, actually trying to prospect him on LinkedIn and it opened up to many things in common! Harry runs and award winning podcast called Lead, Sell, Grow!  Little heads up the lead is for Leadership and that is exactly what we talk about today how to have leadership in your Network Marketing Business.

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Today On NFMR we tackle a tuff subject actually being accountable on what you say on social media. We live in a world of freedom of speech but what we say can have cause and effect!  I don't think  we could have a better guest than someone running for a seat in congress. This  power packed show covers many topics and can really spark debate the topics are current and very real issues in our business and America today!  


Chris Eagle knows both good press and bad press this interview is an inside view on business and politics. 

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